Submitting to mailart calls is a great way to stay creative and to also meet others in the network who enjoy similar or varied interests. As opposed to the elitist and exclusionary rules of art projects which employ judges who select entries based upon the whims of the few, mailart welcomes the participation of nearly anyone who would like to create and share the results of their efforts with others.   
     Anyone can issue a mailart call. Some projects have specific formats and techniques. All of the calls listed on this page have cut-off dates, so you need to mail your artwork early enough to insure that it will arrive before the deadline. The best of these projects will exhibit the submitted work in a physical space, and almost all will create some type of documentation that recognizes the contributions of the participants. Some have themes. Those who issue calls with themes hope that you will respect the project by creating artwork that is related to those individual themes.
     You are invited to play, and to issue your own mailart calls.


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Denis Charmot's  French language translation

Tiziana Baracchi's Italian language translation

Ivan Zemtsov's Russian language translation

René Z. Garza's Spanish Language Translation

Raluca Baciu's Romanian Language translations

English language translation











Please select a language from the links above. 2006 marks the tenth year that I have been creating an online list of calls in English for the mailart network.  This list is only partially complete compared to Ashley Parker-Owens’ publication, “Global Mail”. Alternatively, this calls page attempts to encourage creative and responsible ways to stimulate the worldwide network of mail artists.

Starting in November 2006, I am joining with a number of other dedicated networkers in an attempt to provide calls to as many global mail artists as possible. The intent is to create calls lists in many languages. As such, we are currently requesting translation assistance from those mail artists who are multi-lingual. If you would like to help, please contact any of the networkers who maintain the various calls pages linked above. We will be adding access to more languages as translations become available. Big thanks to Denis, Tiziana, Ivan, Diego and Raluca. Visit their sites.

Each language translation is maintained by a networker who decides what will be included on that calls page. Although we share calls that come to any of us, some pages may be more inclusive than others. Please volunteer to translate into your language of choice if you do not see it represented. Translated calls lists can be uploaded to your server or ours or both.